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Job offer for Psychiatrists in Sweden
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Detalles del anuncio
Categoría Psiquiatria
Sub categoría Ofertas de empleo
Título Job offer for Psychiatrists in Sweden
Nombre / e-mail / Empresa veronica@medicarrera.com
Especialidad Psiquiatry
Más información The public healthcare system in Region Jönköping is offering positions for specialist doctors in Adult Psychiatry.


The hospital in Eksjö has adult psychiatry departments in Eksjö, Tranås, Vetlanda and Nässjö.
In Eksjö there are two inpatient wards, each one with 15 beds, an outpatient general psychiatry ward and anemergency psychiatry department functioning every day from 8 till 16h.
The hospital is responsible for the diagnosis and treatment of approximately 108 000 inhabitants. There are 190 employees working in the hospital in Eksjö, of whom 20 are working in Child psychiatry. In adult psychiatry there work 90 resident doctors, 12 psychiatrists, 55 nurses, 45 attendants, 9 psychologists, 5 social officers, 5 occupational therapists and 18 care administrators.They conduct 37000 visits/year, 616 hospitalizations with a 15 days average length of stay.
The psychiatrist would work in both inpatient and outpatient care with adult patients, in close collaboration with a team composed by social worker/therapist, psychologist and nurses.


The hospital in Jönköping works with all specializations within adult psychiatry. They have 4 outpatient wards and 2 general psychiatry wards with a referral and assessment unit linked to the departments; 1 specific psychosis ward; 4 outpatient teams and 1 investigation team for new psychosis cases; 1 inpatient addiction and 1 outpatient, psychiatric intensive care,forensic psychiatry with associated out patient ward, psychiatric emergency unit open 24/7.
They also have an investigation team for neuropsychiatric disabilities, and a psychiatric work rehabilitation unit focusing on investigation and rehabilitation. The hospital conducts
approx. 56000 visits and has 2900 hospitalized patients/year with an average length of 4,5-78 days of stay.
In Jönköping in adult psychiatry there are 398 coworkers, 12 psychiatrists and 9 resident doctors. They work in teams where nurses, attendants and occupational therapists are included.


The psychiatry clinic in Värnamo has both an adult and a child psychiatry reception. The adult psychiatry contains 1 inpatient unit with 18 beds, 1 addiction and emergency ward, 1 investigation and treatment ward, 1 psychosis ward and day care, including reception in Gislaved, emergency unit open daytime 8-16h,yearly 25.000 visits, 450 hospitalizations with an 13 days average length of stay.

In Värnamo there are 135 employees of whom 6 are psychiatrists, 2 resident doctors, 8 psychologists, 8 social officers, 26 nurses,10 attenders,occupational therapists,physiotherapists and a department developer. In the adult psychiatry clinic the goal is to have 11 specialist doctors employed.

We offer:

• Permanent contract after obtaining the C1 level in Swedish and the Swedish licence.
• Salary starting from 31.000 SEK per month. Duties, if there will be, will be paid apart.
• Training courses within working hours.
• Help to find: apartment, school and kindergarten.
• Invitation to study tour to Sweden after a first interview, to learn more about the region and the work
• Assistance with removal and relocation costs.
• Intensive Swedish course, also for the family.
• Remuneration during the Swedish language course of 700€ monthly net, a supplement for children under
the age of 18 of 70€ monthly net, free apartment and travel costs for the family.
• The C1-course will be organised by the region.

All the services of MediCarrera are free of charge for the candidates.


• Specialist title in psychiatry.
• Some years of experience as a psychiatrist.
• Availability to complete the Swedish intensive course.
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Fecha de publicación 20 Dec 2016 
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