The University of Sheffield (UK) is offering the unique research fellowship programme for resaarchers from Spain and other countries.

The University of Sheffield has nearly 25,000 students from 128 countries, and over 5,500 staff. It is a popular choice with applicants for university places, and once they arrive our students enjoy the experience so much that many settle in Sheffield after they graduate.

Our research partners and clients include Boeing, Rolls Royce, Unilever, Boots, AstraZeneca, GSK, ICI, Slazenger, and many more household names, as well as UK and overseas government agencies and charitable foundations.

Our academic partners include leading universities around the world. International partnerships include Worldwide Universities Network (USA, Europe and China) and our partnership with Leeds and York Universities (the White Rose Consortium) has combined research power greater than that of either Oxford or Cambridge.

The University's history stretches back to 1828, when the Sheffield School of Medicine was founded, and our University Charter was granted in 1905.

The University holds charitable status as an Exempt Charity. The benefits include tax savings to both the University and to charitable donors or their estates.

The University of Sheffield is launching a new research fellowship scheme to attract 20 of the top researchers worldwide. The researchers can be in any faculty of Arts, Engineering, Social sciences, Science and Medicine and Dentistry. These 20 people will be seen as the future leaders of the university and will be mentored and nurtured to be the next leading professors in the university.

The candidates fall into 2 categories:

- Just qualified PHD in the last 3 years;
- Held a PHD for the last 5-10 years with a research portfolio

Please apply online: