Portable devices are increasingly popular in the medical world, especially when they are available at affordable prices.
If you are looking for the best brands that make the best ECG monitors in the industry, look for KardiaMobile, Emay, Contec, PM10 and many others.
These are just a few of the industry leaders who not only sell accurate, high quality devices, but have managed to keep the price low enough to be affordable for doctors, hospitals and clinics.
Portable ECG Monitor Reviews
Patients and physicians who have used some of these products already feel that this is one of the best things that can happen in the medical industry.
It used to take hours to get an ECG report, but now it can detect your heart rate in seconds. Patients with heart problems usually have to go to clinics for an ECG test.
But not anymore. All they have to do is place the ECG unit's sensor on their chest or fingers and let the unit display the results immediately.
How do I use the portable ECG unit?
Portable ECG devices are easy to use, even for someone who doesn't have a lot of technical knowledge. You can touch the sensor on your chest or with your left or right hand.
Wait for the sensor to record your heart rate. The monitor will soon display the current recording. You can also compare your heart rate with previous recordings because the device can store the data successfully.
How does a portable ECG device work?
Portable ECG devices record your heart rate in no time. The patient must touch the device's sensor with their right or left thumb.
Soon the machine will start recording the time and strength of the heart signals in a specific graph. Since these devices can record the heart rate in 30 seconds, there is no need to wait a few minutes as with conventional devices.

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