Job Title Resident Medical Officer (RMO)

Reports to Matron and may, through the Matron, report to the Chair of Medical Advisory Committee (MAC)

Works within Private Hospital/Clinic
Job Purpose To be part of a team providing 24 hour medical cover and immediate first line resuscitation to any patient, visitor or staff member as required.
To assist in the management of patients and provide back-up support to the consultant

[b]Accountabilities / Activities in relation to Hospital’s Operational Policies[/b]

RMOs must work within their level of experience and competence and highlight verbally and in writing to the nurse in charge if they are being asked to work outside the level of their competence.
To provide medical cover, routine and emergency, during hours of duty and work in conjunction with other RMO(s) to provide a 24 hour service to the hospital.
To respond to all cardiac arrest calls, to lead on all resuscitations, be they actual or scenarios, to remain updated in all resuscitation procedures and guidelines and ensure that knowledge and skills are refreshed and tested regularly.
To clerk in and assess emergency admissions as required when the relevant consultant is not immediately available.
To participate in morning, midday and evening nurse handovers and to undertake a morning and evening ward round, ensuring patients are visited where appropriate.
To make an entry in the patient’s notes as appropriate following ward rounds or any other patient examinations.
To supervise the daily clinical management of all patients in conjunction with the nurse team leaders and under the guidance of Consultants and attend all post operative patients on day of operation and every day following.
RMOs must seek verbal consent for any procedures that they intend to undertake.
Under no circumstances should RMOs seek consent for operations or procedures on behalf of a Consultant. To liaise with nursing staff regularly at least every 3-4 hours to check on patient progress, or more frequently if their condition necessitates.
To see patients at the request of nurses in charge and carry out examinations of patients and to respond to calls from the ward or other clinical departments relating to patient care.
To take blood samples from patients as may be required from time to time. To undertake arterial blood sampling as necessary.
To be familiar with the Hospital’s corporate care pathways.
To communicate any medical problems or concerns to Consultants.
If required, to discuss medication on discharge with patients and write a discharge summary if requested.
To assist in the day to day functions on the ward and work as part of the team..
To administer intravenous medications / therapy if required.
To administer injections for radiological investigations when required.
To provide urgent medical attention and emergency treatment to staff or visitors in case of accident or sudden illness in liaison with the senior nurse on duty and to ensure completion of all relevant documentation.
To certify deaths, complete death certificates and (if requested by the consultant, report unexpected deaths to the coroner) and complete all relevant documentation including, if appropriate, cremation forms and any other documents required by the coroner.
To act, as may be reasonably required, on behalf of the Consultant in their absence when requested.
To receive (and give), a comprehensive hand-over report on patients from (and to) the out-going RMO when commencing (or leaving) duty.
To attend the ward areas each morning and evening to enable and establish good consultant communication.
To undertake emergency procedures, including resuscitation as required, and to take the lead as necessary.
To ensure that all consumables used during procedures shall be correctly charged to patient accounts and that all policies regarding revenue capture are adhered to.
To remain within the hospital premises whilst on duty. In the event of an RMO not attending for duty at the hospital, the previous RMO must remain until a replacement is found ensuring continuous cover.
To comply with all the hospital policies and procedures in particular those relating to Health and Safety at Work, Infection Control, Lifting and Handling, Fire and to attend any in-house training offered in respect of these.
To attend meetings to discuss issues, incidents and accidents with Matron/Ward Manager
To countersign any drug instructions given by Consultants over the telephone and satisfy prescribing requirements throughout the hospital, as requested by nursing staff by checking their validity, safety and need.
To communicate as often as necessary with the hospital Pharmacist in relation to the patient’s prescription and to adhere at all times to the British National Formulary (BNF).
In exceptional circumstances, the RMO may be called to dispense drugs. The RMO should therefore be aware of the necessary procedures and any on call arrangements with the Pharmacist.
The RMO is not allowed to prescribe drugs to other staff.
The RMO may spend time in Theatre, observing procedures if agreed by the Matron / HoCS. He/she must be available to return (immediately) to the ward and departments if required.
Judgement skills All patient information is confidential and must be respected as all times.
The job holder should be able to interpret Consultant and nursing staff requests.
Freedom to act The job holder will need to work with and enhance a multi-skilled clinical team under direct supervision of the Clinical Nurse Manager and reporting to Matron.
Dimensions Neat and smart in accordance with the hospital dress code. A white coat must be worn at all times. A professional approach must be adopted with all patients, staff and visitors.
RMO’s have no admitting rights to the hospital. All patients admitted must be under the care of a Consultant with admitting rights to the hospital.

[b]Environment [/b] T
he environment will include the Wards, Outpatients, Theatre, Pharmacy and any non-clinical areas if appropriate.
Data Protection The RMO must at all times abide by the Data Protection Guidelines.
(The RMO may be required to undertake patient’s records audit and may review pre-admission questionnaires / NHS notes).
This job description is not intended to represent the full range of duties, but is indicative of some tasks to be undertaken.
Regular review will occur and changes may be made to meet the needs of each hospital.

[b]Person Specification, Qualifications, Certification, Skills, Training, Experience and Immunity status.[/b]

Attitude Positive attitude with good interpersonal skills
Good communicator, good English.
Essential to have passed Academic IELTS at 7/9 or higher (unless English is first language or has undertaken medical studies and examinations in English)

CV Recently updated and in RMO format and identifying clearly the months of surgery and paediatric exposure
Qualifications and skills

Essential to have at least 2 years post-registration experience in General Surgery and Medicine within a hospital setting.

Six months of the adult surgical care must be within the last two years. (RMO must state how many months of adult surgery within the last 2 years)

Desirable to also have paediatric experience within the last 2 years (RMO to state how many months of paediatric experience and whether dedicated or not dedicated)

Certification Valid, verified and officially translated where necessary;
Graduation certificate
• Full GMC registration and
• At least 2 recent references (1 from current or most recent employer).
• Current certified competence in ALS/ and PALS/EPLS.
• Agreement to work towards certification of NESTA RMO Training and Assessment
• Police check from country of origin
• CRB enhanced disclosure
• Work permit if required or proof of right to work
• 4 recent photos
Immunisation requirements (all lab reports must be in English or officially translated);
• Evidence of BCG vaccine given (a report or a report on the scar)
• Recent report on immunity to Hepatitis B
• Recent report on status of Hepatitis C
• Recent report on HIV antibody test IF from a country where HIV/AIDS is endemic
• Recent report on Rubella
• Recent report on Varicella
• Evidence that Polio and Tetanus vaccines have been given.


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