Facelift Surgery In Cancún
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Facelift surgery or rhytidectomy is a surgical procedure that raises and firms the sagging facial tissues to restore a younger appearance, improves the visible signs of aging on the face and neck, such as:

[*]The Relaxation of the skin of the causing flaccidity
[*]Deepening of the fold line between the nose and the corner of the corner of the mouth
[*]Fat the has fallen or disappeared
[*]Chills are created on the cheeks and jaw
[*]Loose skin, excess fat that may appear as a double chin or "turkey neck"


[url=https://mymedicalvacations.com/facelift-surgery-cancun/]Facelift is a procedure for men[/url] and women and is much cheaper in Mexico than in the USA

Why do a facelift ?
As we age, the skin, appearance and shape of the face change naturally, the skin loses elasticity and flexibility, the facial tissues lose volume and the fat deposits increase in some areas and decrease in others. This results in double chins , deep wrinkles and loose skin.

Even being a natural part of the aging process, patients who find these signs of aging annoying may find that cosmetic surgery may be a good option.

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Why Do It In Cancún ?

Cancun is rapidly becoming one of the most popular [url=https://mymedicalvacations.com/]Medical Tourism and Travel Destinations[/url] in the world. This is mostly due to the quality in hospitals, surgical centers, dental clinics using modern medical technology. Moreover, Cancun is close from home and offers extraordinary all-inclusive beachfront hotels designed for every budget.

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