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» Necrotising fasciitis as a complication of varicella in children
Autor:  Dr. Santino Figueroa Ángel | Publicado:  25/09/2012 | English Medical Journal | | 4494 visitas

Varicella is a common and simple infectious disease in children, but necrotising fasciitis sometimes can be a complication, presenting as a rapidly progressive soft tissue infection that can be lethal. In this article, we present 4 children that had been diagnosed with varicella and complicated with necrotising fasciitis. We describe their clinical characteristic as their age, sex, the presentation of the disease, location of the infection, history of NSAID consume, symptoms at time of admission, surgical treatments and complications.

» Case report. A strange case of a lousy mind in a “perfect” brain. Early pseudodementia, frontotemporal dementia, or nothing at all?

In this article we present a strange clinical case of a 53 years old man with severe neuropsychiatric acute syndrome. The patient is a well succeeded 53 years old business man, married, father of two adult male sons. In 12 months, a tragic neuropsychiatric picture was developed, and changed his life dramatically.

» Spontaneous rupture of a giant hepatic hemangioma, case report and literature review

Hepatic hemangioma is the most common benign tumor of the liver. The vast majority are asymptomatic and diagnosed as occasional findings in imaging studies. Only 1% may complicate with spontaneous rupture with a high mortality rate. Until date, very few cases have been reported with a good operative outcome. We present the case of spontaneous rupture of a giant hepatic hemangioma in a 17 year old male presenting with abdominal pain and shock due to hemoperitoneum. Patient was successfully managed by urgent abdominal exploration with packing of liver bleeding. Selective arterial embolization of right hepatic artery was successfully made in mediate postoperatory with good clinical outcome. Definitive surgical hepatic resection should be made with a better prognosis due to the previous arterial embolization.

» The prevention of drugs in an elementary school of Quintana Roo, Mexico, by positive parenting
Autor:  Psic. Gema Martínez Acosta | Publicado:  27/06/2011 | English Medical Journal , Psicologia , Pediatria y Neonatologia , Articulos | | 4586 visitas

This paper aims to demonstrate how therapeutic intervention carried out in a primary school in the state of Quintana Roo, Mexico in a combined effort, succeeded in working with adults in school, modifying some standards of conduct in conflict resolution between parents and children and assist with the prevention of addiction through the strengthening of family bonds positive. It will define the programs carried out during the sessions and finally, quantitative and qualitative results that were taken after surgery.

» Origins of Addictive Behavior. A nature heritage or a neuropsychiatric nurtured reality?
Autor:  Luis Alberto Coelho Rebelo Maia | Publicado:  19/05/2011 | English Medical Journal , Psicologia , Articulos | | 4622 visitas

In this paper we present a revision on the origins of Addictive Behavior and related neural basis. Although there are abundant specific bibliography and professions focusing on addictions treatment, the reasons why people started with addictive behaviors and consequently maintain are still not well understood. This article explores the construction, meaning, and impact of addiction in historical and psychological perspective. The challenge to the usual concept of addictions causes has significant implications for medical practice and for treatment programs. Furthermore, with this article we present the phenomena of Multifactorial Polygenic Heritage as a possible theory for the explanation of addictive behavior, being consequently important for its prevention and treatment. The roles of social, cultural, and population differences, as they may relate to addictive behaviors, are explored.

» Prevalence determination of the lost of visual acuity and severe amblyopia performed for students with limited resources
Autor:  Dr. Carlos Carrión Ojeda | Publicado:  16/02/2011 | English Medical Journal , Oftalmologia , Articulos | | 5227 visitas

INTRODUCTION: In Peru, where there are nearly 12 million children, reporting of studies of lost of visual acuity, associated ametropia and amblyopia in students has just started.

OBJECTIVE: To determine the prevalence and epidemiologic characteristics of lost of visual acuity and severe amblyopia in the students of the South of Lima, Peru.

METHODS: There are 120,000 students in 42 schools of five districts in this area of Lima. The study was performed on 12,364 students in their schools in three stages.

» A new behavioural pattern can combat heart disease
Autor:  Preciada Azancot Medina | Publicado:  25/11/2009 | English Medical Journal | | 3290 visitas

State of the art: To date, the tools that have served to support heart disease have been behavioural patterns type A and type B which, although useful for identifying the type of emotional conduct that favours heart disease, were insufficiently scientific to help understand said behaviours – in other words, the beliefs that give rise to them –or to genuinely eradicate them, by replacing these life attitudes with other healthier and even curative ones if the damage had already been done. This is the support tool that we present here today.

» Case report. Goblet Cell Carcinoid of the Appendix. A 52 years old male with acute appendicitis
Autor:  Dr. Rafael Trujillo Vilchez | Publicado:  2/10/2008 | English Medical Journal | | 11157 visitas

Goblet cell carcinoid, also variably known as adenocarcinoid, mucinous carcinoid, and crypt cell carcinoma, is a rare neoplasm with distinct histological and clinical features. It has histological features of carcinoid as well as adenocarcinoma and was initially described in a large series by Subbuswamy et al in 1974. It is believed to arise from crypt base stem cells.  Generally it stains positive for synaptophysin, neuron-specific enolase, cytokeratin,chromogranin, and bioamines, which are characteristic of carcinoid lineage. However, it does not secrete the active hormones, i.e., serotonin and its by products, typically seen in carcinoid, at least not to the extent detectable in systemic circulation or enough to produce carcinoid symptoms. Goblet cell carcinoid produces mucin, a feature consistent with adenocarcinoma cell line.

» Aortic stenosis and Angiodysplasia of the colon. Anesthetic- surgery priority. Case report
Autor:  Dra. María J. Sánchez Martin | Publicado:  19/07/2008 | English Medical Journal | | 8847 visitas

A 59-year old woman was admitted to Virgen Macarena de Sevilla Hospital by the Casualty Unit after presenting digestive hemorrhage with melenas (melanhorragia), accompanied by syncopal episodes and precordial pain. After performing complementary clinical examinations, two diagnoses are reached: Severe Aortic Stenosis and Angiodysplasia of the colon. The treatment for these two pathologies was the surgery, which gave origin to a discussion about both processes' interrelationship and the order in which they should be performed.

Translation: Transworld, Language Solutions.

» Ovarian fibroid in pregnancy. Case presentation

Ovarian tumor is one of the most common conditions that pose a challenge to a gynaecologist especially when it’s solid in nature. In general about 80% of all ovarian tumors are benign with favorable prognosis. The other 20% are malignant. Benign ovarian tumors are often diagnosed accidentally if they are not large but when they become large patients could present with abdominal discomfort, pains, constipation etc. due to compression on other pelvic and abdominal organs.

» Risk of gaseous residues
Autor:  Dr. Daniel J. Sanchez Silva | Publicado:  9/07/2008 | English Medical Journal | | 4044 visitas

Exposure to anesthetic gases is a typical example of non biological pollution in hospitals. The presence of high concentrations of anesthetic gases or vapors in the operating and resuscitation rooms ' environment  air is very common, specially in all those cases in which measures to avoid this from happening are not taken. The health risks this exposure presents as a consequence are a cause of great controversy: because of being technically simple, measures to reduce risks’ environment concentrations are suggested to be taken.

Translation: Transworld, Language Solutions.

» Varicose veins in lower extremities with reference to a town. Surgical technique
Autor:  Dr. Antonio Carbonell-Tatay | Publicado:  15/06/2008 | English Medical Journal | | 18080 visitas

This is a study of interventions performed to patients with varicose veins at a local hospital, whose influence area is from 51,547 people, divided into 26,130 women and 25,417 men. However, the 68,45% of interventions performed with a diagnosis of varicose veins correspond to women. We divided the patients by ages and by used surgical techniques. We notice the lack of complications and the scarse number of reinterventions. The technique used in most cases was the saphenectomy through inner stripping.

Translation: Sabrina Gisella Cordone.

» Varicose veins. Attendance in primary health care
Autor:  Dr. Daniel Ramon Gutierrez Rodriguez | Publicado:  15/06/2008 | English Medical Journal | | 3895 visitas

Varicose veins are external manifestations of alterations in the circulatory system, caused by the effect of the erect position; that is to say, the fact that a man walks and stays erect during the day and throughout his life.  This posture forces the circulatory system to go the last mile to send the blood back to the heart, defeating the gravitation; furthermore, the return or venous circulation is particularly difficult in the legs.

Translation: Sabrina Gisella Cordone.

» Paternity test: everything you always wanted to know before undergoing this exam.
Autor:  PortalesMedicos .com | Publicado:  12/06/2008 | English Medical Journal | | 2214 visitas

Years ago any doubt regarding paternity meant long and expensive legal proceedings that usually ended by accepting or rejecting the paternity after receiving the results of the test.
Nowadays has grown up an industry that solves this problem thanks to a large number of paternity tests that can be applied at home and they are very reliable; all you have to do is send the samples by post.


» Infertility I: Infertility Causes.
Autor:  PortalesMedicos .com | Publicado:  12/06/2008 | English Medical Journal | | 2103 visitas

If after a reasonable period of trying to get pregnant (6-12 months) a couple just don’t get that state then it is necessary to analyze in order to confirm or rule out the possible causes of infertility (male and female). Both have to undergo several studies in an Infertility clinic to make sure of the possible causes and propose the most suitable treatment because 50% are related to male infertility and the other 50% to female infertility.

» Mesothelioma: the asbestos induced tumor.
Autor:  PortalesMedicos .com | Publicado:  12/06/2008 | English Medical Journal | | 2435 visitas

Mesothelioma is a tumor that affects the serous (pleura and peritoneum) and its origin is always related to the exposition of asbestos, most commonly used in the building industry as an isolating material, but the exposition could have taken place about 20 and 50 years before the apparition of the Mesothelioma. This implies important legal consequences in patients all around the world. 

» Prognostic value and response to chemotherapy of immunohistochemical phenotypes of 141 operable breast cancer patients included in phase III trials of adjuvant therapy
Autor:  Dr. Rafael Trujillo Vilchez | Publicado:  12/06/2008 | English Medical Journal | | 4563 visitas

Gene expression arrays and immunohistochemical phenotypes studies classified breast cancer in three distinct subtypes: basal, HER2/neu and luminal that are associated with different clinical outcomes. In 141 patients with operable breast cancer included in several phase III adjuvant therapy trials, immunohistochemical staining was performed. A basal phenotype was defined by negative estrogen and progesterone receptor and positive cytokeratin 5/6 or EGFR immunoreactivity. HER2/neu phenotype as positive c-erb B2 by HercepTest™ and luminal phenotype by positive estrogen receptors, progesterone receptors and CK 7/8 and negative HER-2 were defined respectively. Survival curves were calculated by the Kaplan-Meier method. The differences between survivals were estimated using the log rank test.

» Study of Chronic Renal Failure in Military Hospital Sana’a Yemen
Autor:  Dr. Jose Luis Rodriguez | Publicado:  21/05/2008 | English Medical Journal | | 6884 visitas

Chronic Renal Failure (CRF) is a major public health problem. Early diagnosis and treatment are basic for its prognosis, and it will be fundamental for the future necessity of substitutive renal treatment. For this purpose, determining the etiology of chronic renal failure (CRF) may be helpful. This study was conducted in the Nephrology Department at the Central Military Hospital in Sana’a, Yemen from 2004 to 2007; to determine the etiology of chronic renal failure (CRF) in 334 patients (211 men and 123 women) on regular hemodialysis.

» Astigmatism and laser surgery is it really effective?
Autor:  PortalesMedicos .com | Publicado:  20/05/2008 | English Medical Journal | | 2282 visitas

Progress in the ophtalmologic surgical technique has allowed phyicisians to perform them routinely and with very limited risks; a few years ago, these interventions would not have been even dreamt of.
 With very slight pains and only in a few minutes, problems such as short-sightedness, longsightedness or astigmatism can disappear permanently.

» Pilates: west yoga. The physical and mental training method
Autor:  PortalesMedicos .com | Publicado:  20/05/2008 | English Medical Journal | | 2448 visitas

The method called Pilates was created by Joseph Pilates, born in Germany in 1880. Pilates` childhood was marked by his weak and unhealthy mood, which made him persistently compensate his handicaps with the study of the body, its strenghtening and training.
As a result of his perseverance, Joseph Pilates became a great sportman, hired by Scotland Yard to be in charge of the training method for the personal defense of his agents.

» Psychic therapy in the complex regional painful syndrome
Autor:  Dr. Yovanny Ferrer Lozano | Publicado:  20/05/2008 | English Medical Journal | | 5056 visitas

A prospective study of opinatic inclusion is performed to 42 patients who were treated in the Orthopedics and Traumatology Service from the Cardenas Teacher Territorial Hospital, from January 1999 to January 2004. All of them were diagnosed with a Complex Regional Pain Syndrome, according to the criteria put forward by the International Association for Pain Study.

» Yoghurt. Natural strategy for health
Autor:  Dr. Daniel Ramon Gutierrez Rodriguez | Publicado:  20/05/2008 | English Medical Journal | | 5600 visitas

Consumption of yoghurt reduces the population of harmful bacteria in the intestine provoking a reequilibrium of bacterial intestinal ecosystem of every individual, increasing the quantity of lactic beneficial bacteria and diminishing the number of bacteria of the group bacteroides and Prevotella, specially Bacteroides vulgatus, which is associated with carcinogenic processes and inflammatory intestinal diseases.

» Prevention of allergy to the latex in sanitary environment
Autor:  Asociacion Española de Alergicos a Alimentos y latex | Publicado:  20/05/2008 | English Medical Journal | | 3978 visitas


Latex allergy presents an increasing incident in all the developed countries. Nowadays in Spain there is a 1% of population sensitized to this substance, very much major percentage for the identified groups at risk.
Latex of natural rubber is a milky substance that obtains of Hevea Brasiliensis tree or tree of the rubber. Once treated suitably it is used for the manufacture of many products of habitual use (zeal, condoms, globes, tires, elastic rubbers, gums of feeding-bottles, pacifiers, toys, and a length etc. up to 40.000 articles that are calculated contain it) and also in articles of sanitary use (probes, gloves, catheters, stoppers of road, connections, enemas, sticking-plaster, shiver, bandage elastic, resuscitation masks, oxygen masks, etc.).

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